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I will never forget about this website that cradled my early beginnings of my interest in edm. Now its time to give back. I've been extremely busy and haven't had enough time to upload all these tracks (and forgetting to). SO FINALLY. I have decided to upload the few tracks i've finished recently :) hope you guys enjoy um!Click here to like me on facebook :)

I'm back ;)

2012-09-03 19:26:50 by JasonHorecky

Good to see you again NG ;) i uploaded my newest song "The Contract" - by Jason Horecky. GO CHECK IT OUT IN THE AUDIO SECTION ;) wwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttt ttttttt :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
- Jason


2012-08-02 02:58:14 by JasonHorecky

So after a lot of hard work, blood and tears, I've started making tunes again. (and have some finished already;) so yes i will be posting again soon. And if you've noticed I decided to take off all my songs and start fresh. (If there is a song you want they you know i made then just ask me for it and i'll send it straight over :) So, I was just wondering, if you see this in your little ng box, can you comment below? i just want to see how many people see this and will still support me? :)
And if you really wanted to support me and follow me and all that jazz, cleek dis link. My Facebook Page :)
Thank you guys so much :)
- Jason


2012-03-30 15:53:57 by JasonHorecky

So, I was wondering that.. if you were going to use my songs on a youtube video or just put them on youtube.. if you could ask me first.. cause recently there were like 5 people who put like my 2nd song up on youtube when im trying to clean up my stuff on youtube so that people will like me for my new stuff not my old trance that i dont make anymore :/ If you want to put something of mine that is fairly new, I wouldnt mind, i would just like to hear from you first before you put it up.. thats all :D

If you are into dubstep click this link you wont regret it ;)
Thank you all so much :D
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Just posted a new collab with AustinHayes

Newgrounds is Bad Ass

2012-02-07 21:40:17 by JasonHorecky


Soo much homeworkkkk

2011-11-13 19:49:49 by JasonHorecky

If anyone follows me or anything, im sorry for not posting more music more often. AP World is ripping me apart, as well as english and all my other classes, for the past month i've been drenched with homework. I promiseeee that soon enough i will get some new songs out for you guys and you will be happy again :P well thanks for stopping by!
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Things i need to finish as soon as possible - Fully Remastering Aura - Posting the full version of Aura - Finishing Summer Ocean Remix <3

Stay tuned :D

100 People have added me as a favorite i remember like it was yesterday when i would freak out once i got to like 10 xD Thank you all so much. I wont dissapoint :D
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100 followers!? I LOVE YOU GUYS :D

New song + Bandcamp :D

2011-10-04 21:27:03 by JasonHorecky

Sup guys, just wanted to tell you to check out my new song "Aura."
If you guys like it, it would be awesome if you could buy it by clicking this link ;) --> BUY MY SONG :)
Thanks everyone :D
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2011-09-13 19:19:51 by JasonHorecky

Cheers to another year of me being alive :P Thanks everyone for supporting me and helping out to get me to where I am today.